Age: 4+ years

Our KG curriculum focuses on developing foundational skills that prepare students for later learning in the areas of math, science, social studies and language arts. Our aim is to create a joyful, safe and stimulating atmosphere in order to expand our children’s love for learning. The KG program is based on ‘performing arts’. It includes a mix of exploration, guided and independent activities, quiet times and outdoor play.

Our Kindergarten program include:

  • Reading: Understanding the alphabet and reading comprehension is a primary instruction in Kindergarten. Recitation of poems, rhymes and singing of songs helps them recognize and use complete, coherent sentences when speaking. Children spell independently using their enhanced phonetic ability and growing vocabulary.
  • Writing: Writing is a magical medium; it’s a vehicle for communication, connection and creativity. Students begin to develop writing skills with guidance by using a combination of drawing, storytelling and writing to convey an event or share an opinion. With the introduction of phonetics, students begin to understand and document their ideas in words. Numerous games such as crossword puzzles, word games, anagrams and cryptogram are used that help children in spellings. Students are also introduced to the computers as a tool for writing.
  • Mathematics: The basic mathematics skills provided in early childhood education sets the building blocks for the entire academic career. Our curriculum focuses on understanding the relationship between numbers and quantities. Music is integrated into the lesson to accelerate development of spatial temporal reasoning which is integral to the acquisition of important mathematics skills.
  • Science: Science helps answers all those questions kids ask, like “why is the sky blue?” and “where do stars come from?” Our students are introduced to life science, physical science, earth science and space science. We encourage our students to use all their senses to make careful observations of objects, organisms and events, thereby developing measurement and classifying skills.

Our kindergarten program recognizes that children will soon be entering schools that have a range of expectations for a child’s social and academic performance.

By the end of the following 4th year, your child should have mastered both phonetically and numerically appearing confident to complete basic computations. These acquired skill sets allow him to recognize and create complex patterns, songs, stories, role play and dances with the exposure to a variety of musical instruments.

This unique method of instruction adopted leaves your child brimming with confidence by the end of their experience at Kindergarten with Building Kidz!!