Our Story

Building Kidz was formed out of a need to care for a daughter. Our Founder’s daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of four. As a mother and a corporate American working 60 hours a week, Vineeta Bhandari could not provide the constant care and stimulating environment she wanted for her daughter.

Vineeta dreamt that she could open a preschool where her daughter would receive the care she needed in a world class environment, free of compromise. She worked tirelessly to develop a program that any parent would take pride in having their child be a part of. She developed a program that incorporates the highest level of academics and whole child development with Performing Arts and extracurricular activities to ease the stress of a working parent and give children an early edge in this competitive world.

In January of 2003, Vineeta opened the doors of our first school in Pacifica, California. Her daughter was part of the school for two years before she graduated and moved on to an elementary school. Within those two years, Vineeta realized that she was not alone in wanting this type of program for her child. The enthusiasm and positive feedback from the families and community developed a passion in her to change the early childhood education industry.


Building Kidz Worldwide – International Exposure, International Curriculum.

our vision Our Vision
To establish a foundation for a greater society through a global presence of preschools and non-profit partnerships resulting in one million children receiving a world class early childhood education.
our Mission Our Mission
To create a community where children are challenged intellectually, become empowered and interested in lifelong learning, and engage in the arts to accelerate the development of their Confidence, Commitment, and Character by providing learning experiences that stimulate every child’s growth.
ourPhilosophy Our Philosophy
Our creative philosophy is specifically designed to develop the “whole child’. Our comprehensive arts-integrated educational program focuses on 6 key areas of development: emotional, social, cognitive, physical, communication and academic. We provide experiential learning where children learn, laugh, play, explore and grow while parents watch in amazement.