Why Building Kidz

Young brains are gentle, delicate and sensitive; that is why they can be manipulated, with just a single flick, in ways you cannot even imagine. Your child needs more than just a pampering to churn out the best in him. The development of a child’s brain architecture provides the foundation for all future learning, behaviour and health. At Building Kidz, we have perfected our curriculum and content delivery in a way to meet this need of your child.

The brain continues to grow after a child is born and by the age of 2 years, the brain is about 80% of that of an adult’s size. The basic architecture of the brain is constructed through an ongoing process that begins before birth and continues into adulthood. When your child learns the early concepts through performing arts and life experiences, every aspect, i.e. creative, confident and committed part of their personality, comes out. Our educators are equipped to polish all the talent and skill of your child in the bud. The result of this process is outstanding – Assured all round development of the child with no pressure of learning, because performing arts is all about music, dance and emotion, and learning through life experiences is all about hands on activities.

Every child is precious, for his parents, as well as for the future of this world. Why not start their learning phase of life at Building Kidz that exposes your child scientifically to global learning tools and concepts for assured all round development!?

At Building Kidz school, we have dedicated our lives in improving our content, curriculum and techniques to bring out the best from each child.

why BK

“Performing arts is in our DNA!”

We give utmost importance to the 7 domains of early childhood development. We feel that they play a vital role in developing a child’s life.

Gross Motor

Gross motor

Here children learn to use the big muscle groups of their body. Crawling, walking, jumping, climbing are all examples of this. These lead to greater things like biking, kicking, dancing and swinging. This actually helps us to understand any future sports that a child can go into or would be good at.

Our performing arts based teaching methodology ensures a lot of physical activity that has positive impact on the gross motor development.

Fine Motor

Fine motor

Learning hand-eye coordination. Children learn how to control precise muscle movements in their hands to build fine motor skills through activities such as colouring, cutting with scissors, tearing paper, etc. which reinforce this development.

We, at Building Kidz, have teaching methodology that’s based on performing arts that helps children develop skills that help in a precise eye hand/leg coordination which enables the child to do things without thinking much; and who knows he/she might even become – an international player of games like Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, etc.



This domain centres on the child’s ability to speak, read and write, involving alphabetic and phonetic learning. Reading and talking regularly with the children when they are very young is important. We create an environment where intelligent conversations with the children enhances their ability to communicate their opinions, wants and needs with others. Starting with learning with ABC’s and the “magic” words like “please” and “I’m sorry”, and the wonder of a simple “Thank you note” are all prime examples.

Since our curriculum is based on performing arts, there is ample scope for building vocabulary, sentence formation and language development in ways you can’t imagine.



Children learn cause and effect and reasoning here, as well as early math skills and counting and patterning during pre-school years.

We all know the game a child love to play – when they drop the spoon from his or her high-chair so that Mom or Dad can pick it up. When we do that, we’re teaching cause and effect. It gives the child a basic idea of what they should do when different types of things happen. At Building Kidz, we have hundreds of such activities to bring out the best in your child.


We are all social beings and the children are no different. Learning to play with others is a skill; that is a thing taught. We make sure a child feels safe and behaves in a kind manner. Children learn what they see and the world is the first example. Here the things they learn to do reflexively become self-reinforcing habits as they grow older and see the effects of their manners and behaviour.

The environment at Building Kidz is a testimonial to the fact that we practice what we preach. You have to visit us to believe. We have created multiple environments, at our school, of places and instances, which give real time exposure to the child.

Self Help/Adaptive

Self Help

In this domain children begin to show a little independence and learn how to take care of themselves. Making the children Learn these qualities like to dress and eat on their own, how to tie their own shoes and brush their own teeth is an art. It makes the children a little less dependent on their parents. Potty training is a big milestone here. Developing all these habits at this early stage are a must for every child. We make sure that the child gets to know about every possible thing that he/she can do on their own and get them prepared for the near future.

At Building Kidz, we make your child independent.


Teaching children to love and respect themselves is a behaviour that is learned from and modelled by Mom and Dad. Children learn by observation as well as exploration, and they are always watching. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is an important lesson to be learned early on.

At Building Kidz, inculcating moral values are of paramount importance and we use performing arts – drama, story and song, to inculcate these amazing values in children that will make them global citizens with character.

At Building Kidz, Academics and Performing Arts are in our DNA.

We believe that the arts should not be perceived as an after-thought elective, nor should it be reduced to coloring books and paint by numbers for the youngest children. We have realized, with 16 years of experience and countless hours we have put in to perfect the curriculum and delivery, that by almost every measure, children who have the opportunity to study the arts are happier, more self-confident and academically outperform those who don’t. Yes! You read it right! Building Kidz children are performing better than the other children in any format of formal school.

Our unparalleled proprietary curriculum, references and highly qualified faculty combine a world class academic setting with a specialization in Performing Arts, is what sets us apart. Our creative philosophy is stitched throughout our curriculum. We meet the specific needs of every child in the early days of development by delicately balancing our time between structured elements and play.

Academic learning is fused with weekly lessons in music, dance and theater embedded in a way that ensures that the child learns and evolves. Our children, from the age of 3, perform one recital and two Broadway style productions annually such as: The Wizard of Oz, Annie, Rio and Where the Wild Things Are.

We deliver an exceptional readiness for kindergarten program and after school program.  Toddlers as young as 24 months gain a basic introduction to letters, phonics, numbers, shapes, colors and motor skills development. Preschoolers develop reading and writing skills. Kindergarteners learn logical thinking and basic math. Our campuses are open from 7 am to 6 pm which provide unparalleled value in the form of comfort and freedom to hard working parents.