How creches empower women to work | Creche in Gurgaon

India’s women workforce is around 24%, out of which only 5% constitute the top executive roles. The most important reason for such a low figure being, raising a family. Sitting on the thought makes us realize the importance of a good creche in Gurgaon, something that can enable working moms to continue with their careers.

In India, a woman has to wear multiple hats, no matter how skilled she is. From being an efficient home-maker to a good business executive – not only are these roles demanding but challenging too.

With the rise of nuclear families, and the surmounting pressure to manage both home and work, it seems to be the most viable option to look for the best creche in Gurgaon.

Choosing the right crèche in Gurgaon

Depending on the health and habits of the child, a mom can decide to start the creche facility for a baby as early as four months. 

Even if you are planning to start as a part-timer, with flexible work options or plan to be a stay-at-home mom, putting your child in a crèche for a short time could be helpful in many ways –

  • It gives you some time to recharge
  • It helps your kids become independent, giving them time to learn and socialize with their peers.
  • It helps in an all-round development of the child – physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.
  • It helps in a smoother transition to school.

Parents must assess the overall vibe of the crèche before admitting their kids. It’s always better to look for a professional crèche with well-trained staff.

creche in Gurgaon

The most important part is finding a crèche in Gurgaon that you can completely trust!

Apart from staff and safety, health and hygiene of the facilities and vicinity of your workplace are some of the key things to keep in mind while choosing a creche.

The quality of the crèche is usually reflected in the child’s behavior. So, instead of compromising on any next door creche, it is important to look for the most trusted creche in Gurgaon.

The initial days-

These are few initial traumatic days for both mom and baby with the belief that it will be just a matter of a few days until the child adjusts. And once you believe in the services and facilities, you will inevitably come at ease.

Do talk to your child on a regular basis to ensure they are happy in the creche.

Stop pampering and feeling guilty

Modern Indian society is seeing a rise in working as well as single moms. These creches surely come as a boon to them. Many times, we see moms pampering their kids with rewards and goodies to stop feeling guilty since they cannot spend much time with their kids.

Such treatments will only lead to more tantrums and spoiling the kids. It’s important to remind yourself that no injustice is met just because they are in a crèche. If you choose the best creche in Gurgaon, the experience may groom them into being more social and confident adults.

With the upsurge of nuclear families, especially in the metros and absence of elderly family members, the need for good crèches in Gurgaon becomes more significant.

The crèche serves the purpose of providing and protecting the interests of children with an increase in career orientation in working women.

Having said that, 

  • Has your child been in a crèche? 
  • Did it make life convenient for you? 
  • Did the experience have a positive effect on your child? 

Post your experiences and tips in the comments below. 


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